Dragon Lily – Dracunculus Vulgaris x 3


Dragon Lily

3 x Summer flowering bulbs. Height: 100-150cm approx.

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Dracunculus Vulgaris

Dracunculus Vulgaris also known as the Dragon Arum, or Dragon Lily, is a very unusual, but spectacular plant for any garden, and enjoys a warm sunny or lightly shaded spot that is free draining. It has a striking, purple-spotted stem with several fan shaped leaves 30cm wide or more, the narrow lobes sometimes splashed with silver. The flower consists of a hood-like deep purple spathe to 60cm long, with a blackish-purple spadix – this flower has quite a pungent smell for the first couple of days when the flower opens. Flowers June-July.  Height: 100-150cm approx. 




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Dracunculus Vulgaris Dragon Lily - seeds and bulbs ireland - clarenbridge online garden centreDragon Lily – Dracunculus Vulgaris x 3

Availability: In stock

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