Bay Laurel Standard 140CM


Bay Laurel Standard 140CM

Laurus nobilis. Supplied in a 25CM pot at height: 140CM with a 50CM head (sizes approx.).

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Bay Laurel Standard 140CM

Laurus nobilis. The bay tree is a popular evergreen shrub suitable for containers or growing in the ground. Kept neatly clipped, the dark-green foliage can create stunning formal shapes that make an elegant entrance, or look perfect on a patio. Bay leaves can be used fresh or dried and are used in cooking to give a fragrant flavour to soups, stews and other dishes. Supplied in a 25CM pot at height:140CM with a 50CM head (all sizes approx). Bay Laurel Standard 140CM

Name: Laurus nobilis

Approx. Height and spread: keep clipped.

Position: Ful sun – part shade.

Soil Ph: All.

Moisture: Well drained soil.

Hardiness: Hardy.



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