Juglans regia


Common Walnut Tree

Supplied in a 15cm Pot
Plant height 40-50cm approx.

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Juglans regia

Juglans regia, commonly known as the English walnut or Common walnut, is a majestic deciduous tree with a wide, spreading canopy. Native to regions of Central Asia and southeastern Europe, it is prized for its delicious and nutritious nuts. The tree can reach heights of more than 12 meters, displaying a sturdy trunk with a rough, furrowed bark. Its pinnate leaves are composed of 5 to 9 elongated leaflets, which turn a vibrant yellow in the autumn before dropping. In spring, it produces small, greenish-yellow flowers that develop into the familiar round, ridged walnuts encased in a tough, green husk, which eventually splits open to reveal the nut inside. Beyond its culinary use, Juglans regia wood is highly valued for its strength and rich colour, often used in furniture making and woodworking.

Name: Juglans regia
Approx. Height and spread: +12m x +8M
Position: Sun
Soil Ph: All
Moisture: Moist but well-drained, Well-drained
Hardiness: Hardy

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Juglans regia, commonly known as the Common walnut, is a majestic deciduous tree with a wide, spreading canopy which will grow well in Ireland..Juglans regia

Availability: In stock

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