3 x Voodoo Lily

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3 x ‘Voodoo Lily’

Sauromatum venosum. 3 x Summer flowering tubers supplied potted.


‘Voodoo Lily’

Sauromatum venosum. Rare Plant. Tuberous perennial with a lance-shaped, purple-spotted, yellow or greenish-white spathe surrounding an unpleasant-smelling, purple-black spike in early summer, followed by a speckled stem bearing a single rounded leaf with many lance-shaped segments. Can also be grown indoors. Voodoo Lily

Name: Sauromatum venosum

Approx. Height and spread: 60-100cm x 30cm

Position: Sunny sheltered position.

Soil Ph: All

Moisture: Well drained soil.

Hardiness: Mostly Hardy




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