Spanish Moss Tillandsia Usneoides


Spanish Moss

Tillandsia Usneoides. Supplied in a plastic cylinder. 

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Spanish Moss Tillandsia Usneoides

Tillandsia Usneoides. Also known as Spanish Moss or Old Man’s Beard. It is an air plant, or epiphyte, and will be familiar to you if you have been on holiday in Florida or Mexico. It is a fascinating plant that grows with no roots, each new plant growing from the leaf axial of another, thus producing long, hanging clumps. It also flowers, producing numerous very small, scented green or yellow flowers. In perfect conditions, it can grow to 8 meters in length. Spanish Moss Tillandsia Usneoides

Name: Tillandsia Usneoides

Approx. Height and spread: 800CM x 30CM

Position: Indoors. Ideally bright indirect sunlight.


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