FAQs on all thing gardening….


Q.  Can you advise on the best plants for a particular part of my garden

A.  Yes just simple email us on info@clarenbridgegardencentre.ie and we will be happy to help and guide you.


Q.  What is the best time of the year to plant hedging and shrubs?

A.  You can plant potted plants any time of the year.


Q.  When is the best time to plant trees?

A.  You can plant bare root trees from November until end of March and potted trees can be planted any time of the year.


Q.  How do I plant the trees, shrubs or other plants?

A.  It is very simple. Dig a hole in the ground about twice the size of the pot and a little deeper. Mix the soil you take out of the planting hole with some slow release feed and compost and back fill the hole with the plant in the centre.