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Decorative, reconstituted stone garden ornament

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This adorable Labradoodle puppy garden statue is a heartwarming addition that captures the essence of canine companionship. Standing at a modest 20cm tall, this lifelike depiction of a Labradoodle puppy exudes an irresistible charm that will melt the hearts of all who encounter it.

The reconstituted stone material used for this statue lends it an organic, weathered appearance as if it has been a cherished part of your garden for generations. The carefully sculpted details bring the Labradoodle puppy to life, making it an engaging focal point in your outdoor space.

The Labradoodle puppy sits in a relaxed posture. Its short, wavy coat is lovingly detailed in the stone’s texture, making it look soft and inviting to touch. Its expressive eyes, peering directly at you, are brimming with an affectionate gaze that feels as though it can see right into your soul.

The statue captures a moment of tranquillity and connection, as if the Labradoodle puppy is patiently waiting for your companionship. Whether placed near a flower bed, nestled among lush greenery, or adorning a cosy corner of your garden, this statue will bring a touch of joy to your outdoor sanctuary.

Handcast in England from reconstituted stone/concrete. Height: 20cm Weight:2.3KG

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