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Naturalising Spring Bulbs.

Naturalising Spring Bulbs – hello to  Springtime…


Naturalising Spring Bulbs - Bluebells - 2nd Blog image - Clarenbridge Online Garden Store Ireland

Naturalising spring bulbs is a wonderful way to brighten up lawns, verges and wildflower areas in spring.

In areas of grass, choose bulbs that complete their growing and flowering early, such as crocus.

Most daffodils also do well in grass, but leave at least six weeks after flowering before mowing, and ideally leave until foliage goes yellow and straw-like.



Naturalising Spring Bulbs - Daffodils - 3rd blog image - Clarenbridge Online Garden Store Ireland

When planting in grass, remember to go for a very natural look, avoiding straight lines and regimental spacing.

Scatter the bulbs from the bag with a sweep of your hand like a sower sowing seed and then plant each bulb where it falls.

For the larger bulbs, use a bulb planter with a long handle like a spade. It acts like an apple corer, removing a cylinder of soil.



Naturalised bulbs can also give interest to areas of the garden that otherwise might not bloom.

Under deciduous trees, where the conditions are too dry and shady for most plants, you can use spring- or autumn-flowering bulbs because they are in growth when the trees have few leaves to cast shade.

Suitable choices include snowdrops, bluebells, anemones, crocuses, and eranthus.



Our Spring Bulb Collections include spring bulbs for you to browse include Bee & Butterfly Collection, Best Friends, Pink Box, Red Box to name but a few.

For something different, we stock a range of Hardy & Exotic Spring Bulbs.

Still can’t find what you want, drop us an email at or call us in our garden centre on (091) 776492 and we will be happy to help you.

Remember we deliver across Ireland and Northern Ireland.


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