Plant of the Week – Bluebells

Bluebells –  a blue hazy of flowers

Bluebells in Woodlands 250x250 - Clarenbridge Online Garden Centre Ireland - Spring BulbsDo you remember picking bluebells as a child?

What could be more beautiful than walking through woodlands covered in bluebells.


One of the reasons why they are loved is the abundance of colour they provide any landscape and since they are found in large quantities they make any meadow or woodland area colourful and memorable.

They can be grown successfully in gardens.  In addition, they attract insect pollinators, which makes them particularly valuable to a wide range of wildlife.



Two Blubells 250x250- Clarenbridge Online Garden Centre Ireland - Spring Bulbs

Flowering from early April right through to June, they offer a wonderful display of springtime colour.

So, if you want your own bluebell woodland, why not get started.

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