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Colourful Spring Bulbs

Time for colourful Spring Bulbs


Hope you remember a few weeks ago I wrote about planning ahead. Well, the day has come and so I have started planning for my colourful spring bulbs. I have had a few inquiries already in the shop, and yes, we will have them soon. This has kind of sprung me into action, and I am happy as can be because the plan is made. I didn’t want to go crazy this year, but I do think Steady does it, and I have all the years to come to add to my collection.

What I wanted is small splashes of colour, pollinator-friendly, where possible, blooms that will enhance my wildlife section of the garden. And I think there is nothing better than a little field of crocuses. With all the different varieties available one can get a bit overwhelmed, so I decided to go easy, simple and elegant with blue and yellow. I think they will look gorgeous around my silver birch trees.

Crocus Barrs Purple 250 -  Blog Image - Clarenbridge Online Garden Store Ireland
Crocus Barrs Purple

Barr’s Purple is a delightful little gem, the flowers are a stunning shade of mauve purple with a silver sheen to the outside of the petals.

This crocus is one of the best for naturalising and so I think it will fit well into my plan. Like most crocuses, it will reach about 10cm in height, flower very early spring and will need nothing more from me after planting.

Just to mix it up a little bit I will also add a yellow companion called Dorothy. It is a very bright, sunny-coloured bloom that will contrast well against its neighbour. Those two will be sufficient to turn my tiny “birch wood” into a colourful display in February and March.


Baby Moon Narcissus 250-Colourful-Spring-Bulbs-blog-Clarenbridge-Online-Garden-Store-Ireland
Baby Moon Narcissus


The minute I landed in Ireland all those moons ago I learned that there can be no spring without a daffodil or two, or, like a lot! Well, I absolutely agree, and normally I go for the tall, slender specimens. But as I am on the lookout for short and sassy with a bit of scent as those will go into my front door pots a Narcissus called Baby Moon looks very promising.

This particular type is a dwarf variety, reaching about 20cm in height with canary yellow blooms that are highly scented.

Baby Moon is one of the last Narcissus to flower and can have up to five blooms on each stem. Wind resistant those babies will enhance the look of my blue containers for a long time.



We all have a space in our gardens where things do not kind of go to plan. Unfortunately, the space is either too crowded or empty, something died, something broke and something took over half of the space.

I am very unfortunate, as my “this kind of place” is right outside my back door. I have tried herbs- the dogs and cats ate them. Then, I tried perennials, it looks too bare in the wintertime. Next, I attempted to grow shrubs. However, they managed to be covered in a Fennel plant, that survived the animal attack.

Eranthis Cilicica - Colourful Spring Bulbs Blog - Clarenbridge Online Garden Store Ireland
Eranthis Cilicica

So I am starting fresh with this space, planning for colour throughout the seasons.

And for my late winter/ early spring splash, I choose a lovely yellow Eranthis cilicica. Commonly named Winter Aconite this buttercup-like flower will cheer up any space.

The greenery on this plant is unusual; the short stem decorated with daisy-like green tuft and topped with yellow bloom.


And now imagine those popping around your bed or border for an instant mood-boosting look. And they also match my colour scheme, which is great.


Iris Reticulata Harmony 250 Colourful Spring Bulbs Blog - Clarenbridge Online Garden Store Ireland
Iris Reticulata Harmony

There is just one more plant on my mind mostly because of its sentimental value. I have some of it growing in a different spot in my garden already. However, I have decided to add just a few bulbs each year to my ever-evolving space.

This was a gift from my mum when she came to visit the new house for the first time. At this point, I should also mention that the plant itself is a little stunner. It is especially stunning when planted en masse or in old terracotta containers for this rustic look.

I am talking about an Iris reticulata called Harmony, appropriately named to bring harmony to my chaos. Royal blue petals with white and yellow striping down the middle look very regal and elegant. This Iris comes from the hilltops in Turkey, so it is not afraid of the Irish late winter chill and wind.


I think for now this is all of my bulbs needs, it will keep me going well into September.

All I have to plan for now is relatively good weather so I can plonk them into their designated spots. And we all know that in Ireland there is nothing easier than just planning for the weather, especially in September.

Thank you,

Magda O’ Byrne

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