Vaccinium corymbosum Hortblue Petite


Compact Blueberry Plant

Supplied in 5L pot.
Plant height: 50-60cm approx.

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Vaccinium corymbosum Hortblue Petite

Vaccinium corymbosum ‘Hortblue Petite’ is a variety of blueberry plant known for its compact size and abundant fruit production. It is the world’s first two-cropping blueberry, producing its first crop in July, followed by a second in September. It is a deciduous shrub that typically reaches a height of about 60 to 100 centimeters and spreads to about 45 to 60 centimeters wide. The plant features small, glossy green leaves and delicate white or pinkish bell-shaped flowers in the spring, which eventually give way to small, sweet, and flavourful blueberries in the summer.

This particular blueberry cultivar is popular among home gardeners and landscapers due to its dwarf nature, making it suitable for smaller garden spaces, patio containers, or even indoor cultivation. ‘Hortblue Petite’ is relatively easy to care for and requires full sun exposure for optimal fruit production. Regular watering and well-draining soil are essential to ensure healthy growth and fruit development. Pruning can be done to maintain the plant’s compact shape and encourage new growth.

As with other blueberry varieties, ‘Hortblue Petite’ benefits from cross-pollination with other compatible blueberry cultivars to enhance fruit set and yield. Growing this plant allows you to enjoy fresh, delicious blueberries right at your fingertips, making it a delightful addition to any garden or landscape.

Name: Vaccinium corymbosum ‘Hortblue Petite’

Approx. Height and spread: 60-100CM x 60CM

Position: Full Sun

Soil Ph: Acid,

Moisture: Moist, but well drained.

Hardiness: Fully Hardy

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Approx. Height





Full Sun

Soil Ph



Moist But Well Drained






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Vaccinium corymbosum Hortblue Petite is a compact blueberry variety that will produce 2 crops in 1 season. It is ideal for growing in Ireland.Vaccinium corymbosum Hortblue Petite

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