Rubus Thornless Loganberry



Plants supplied in 2L pot.
Height: 30-40cm approx.

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Rubus Thornless Loganberry

Rubus ‘Thornless Loganberry’ is a hybrid berry plant that belongs to the Rubus genus, which includes various bramble fruits like raspberries and blackberries. This specific cultivar has no thorns, making it a more convenient and user-friendly option for gardeners and berry enthusiasts.

The ‘Thornless Loganberry’ is a cross between a raspberry and a blackberry, resulting in a unique blend of characteristics from both parent plants. The plant typically produces long, trailing canes that can be trained along trellises or supports for easier maintenance and harvesting.

White flowers in spring are followed by the berries which are large and elongated, resembling blackberries in shape but with a reddish to purplish colour when ripe. They have a tangy-sweet flavour that’s reminiscent of a raspberry-blackberry combination. Use the berries in various culinary applications, such as fresh eating, baking, jams, jellies, and desserts.

Thornless Loganberries thrive in climates that are suitable for both raspberries and blackberries. They prefer well-drained soil with ample sunlight. Pruning usually involves removing older canes to encourage the growth of new ones, which are more likely to produce a higher yield of berries.

Overall, the Thornless Loganberry combines the best of both raspberries and blackberries, offering a unique and tasty berry option with the added benefit of being thorn-free, making it a popular choice for home gardeners and berry enthusiasts.

Name: Rubus loganobaccus

Approx. Height and spread: 1-1.5M x 1-1.5M

Position: Full sun.

Soil Ph: All

Moisture: Well drained soil. Moist, but well drained soil

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Approx. Height





Full Sun

Soil Ph



Moist But Well Drained




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Rubus 'Thornless Loganberry' is a cross between a raspberry and a blackberry. It will grow well in Ireland.Rubus Thornless Loganberry

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