Unusual Plants

Adding a Unique Touch to Your Garden

Are you tired of seeing the same old plants in every garden? Look for unusual plants to add a unique touch and make your garden stand out.

Dual Colour Laburnum: A Striking Addition to Your Garden

Our finest plants include the Dual Colour Laburnum, which produces stunning yellow and white flowers and grows up to 5 meters tall, making it perfect for adding height to your garden.

Angel Wings: A Delicate Beauty

Angel Wings is a low-maintenance and unique plant with delicate leaves resembling angel wings, ideal for adding elegance to your garden and known for air-purifying properties.

Pink Pussy Willows: A Furry Favourite

The furry pink flowers of the Pink Pussy Willows make it a beautiful shrub that grows up to 3 meters tall and perfect for planting in groups.

Unusual plants can add a unique touch to your garden and make it stand out from the rest. The Dual Colour Laburnum, Angel Wings, and Pink Pussy Willows are just a few examples of our selection. So why not try something different and add an unusual plant to your garden today?

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