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Choosing Hydrangeas

How to choose Hydrangeas

Choosing Hydrangeas is a relatively easy task as these plants are such reliable flowering shrubs and they are perfect for gardens of all shapes and sizes. They flower for much longer than most other plants, often for months rather than weeks. The blooms can remain attractive even after they have faded, adding interest to the garden, even in winter. They also make excellent flowers for cut arrangements.


The good news is that they are easy to grow, both in pots and in the open ground. All they need is the right situation, plenty of water in dry weather and occasional feeding with the right fertiliser.



There are a number of different hydrangea types but they all enjoy similar growing conditions. They vary in size from small shrubs to large, almost tree-like specimens (remember to check the plant label for sizes). Choosing Hydrangeas will likely depend on your preferences for flower colour and/or shape.

Mophead and lacecap cultivars of Hydrangea macrophylla (and also Hydrangea involucrata and Hydrangea serrata) change colour depending on PH of the soil that affects aluminium availability.  Those with blue or pink flowers tend to be blue in acid soils (high available aluminium levels), mauve in lightly acid to neutral soil conditions, and pink in alkaline conditions.  White, red and green-flowered cultivars, remain white or green regardless of soil pH. There are many proprietary treatments available that will aid in changing your pink hydrangea flowers to blue.



Different hydrangea species also have differently shaped flowers. For round flower heads, choose mophead cultivars of Hydrange microphylla (hortensia) or Hydrangea arborescens.  For flatter flowers select lacecap cultivars of Hydrangea microphylla, Hydrangea serrata, Hydrange villosa or Hydrangea aspera. And, finally, for cone-shaped flowers go for Hydrangea paniculata or Hydrangea quercifola.

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